When Your Vacation Isn’t One

Before we loaded up our rental van, I was on the verge of tears. Big tears. I didn’t even want to go on vacation. I wanted to hide in my bedroom, shut the door, and cry, cry, cry followed by a weeklong bout of sleep. I was hardly in the state of mind to begin a two-week vacation with my beloved husband, our two foster kiddos, and Marmy the Motoring Marmot. July has been a stressful wreck in-between all the work, both professional and educational, and other life changes.

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The Dawn of Vacation

Sunrise is one of my favorite times of day. I love how the colors blend and change dramatically against the dark stillness of the earth. Sometimes, like this morning when I was settled in the car as my husband drove, I play a game where I name the various colors in the sky. Midnight royal violet. Light spun gold. Dusky lavender. Cerulean. Bright aqua. Rose petal pink. Each new streak of colorĀ brings the hope for something wonderful to happen; dawn is the mostĀ optimistic time of the day.

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