How to Save Turnip Seeds

Saving turnip seeds is quite the commitment to self-sufficiency because turnips are biennial plants, which means that they go to seed in their second year of life. The turnips you eat (or pretend to eat or just nibble at to be polite) are in their first year of life. To save turnip seeds, you have to leave a couple of beautiful looking turnips in the ground overwinter, preferably intentionally rather than forgetting a turnip and discovering it again in the spring. Whoops! That’s certainly never happened to me!

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The Accidental Seed Saver: Cilantro & Coriander

When I came back from our trip to Montana, the sight of our overgrown, blooming garden brought so much joy to me. Though my friend swears that she has a black thumb (and not the black-like-dirt thumb, the black-like-death thumb), she faithfully watered my garden through the excessive heat warnings, and the only casualty was a single potted cilantro plant. I believe that this cilantro plant was even bolting as I left for Alaska. Fortuitous, indeed!

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