October 2017 Goal-Setting and the September Follow-Up

I wrote in earnestness last month that I wasn’t sure how to forecast September. I’m glad I didn’t try too hard because September sure walloped me emotionally just about every which way to sideways. I was offered a job; I accepted the job only to have the offer rescinded. I had to hospitalize a kiddo. Then both of my kiddos wanted to leave our home. Then both of our kiddos ran away. September packed a punch. I’m in need of some respite, but I’m not certain how much October can provide. Either way, I had lots of holes in goals this month, never mind the day-to-days I’d expected to manage, didn’t list as goals, and utterly failed to manage.  Continue reading “October 2017 Goal-Setting and the September Follow-Up”


Cheerful Brightness amid the Dark: The Beginnings of the Totally Tulips Quilt

September has been an ugly month. Although the events of September certainly explain the paucity of my posts, I’m not quite ready to write about what has transpired this month to make me feel so overwhelmed, alone, angry, rejected, and just flat out sad. Yeah, September went about like an emotional sucker punch in the solar plexus.

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The Honeycomb Bee Quilt: Pieced

I’m not sure how I alighted on this Hexagon Park Quilt pattern by Lily’s Quilts since I first decided to make this quilt almost a year ago. (That winter rosettes quilt certainly delayed other quilts). I’m pretty sure that I was googling patterns that used layer cakes because I had been enamored of the Moda Fabrics Bee Creative by Deb Strain.

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The Cursed Quilt: Winter Rosettes Quilt






That’s right:  I have broken the curse on my winter rosettes quilt, the most complicated quilt I’ve ever made that has created more problems than I’ve ever had sewing anything. For backstory, you can read here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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August 2017 Goal Setting and July Follow-Up

So, I’m really glad that July is behind me. The month was mostly an awful slog fest and a vacation that really wasn’t one. Heck, I knew I wasn’t going to meet goals my first week in July, so this month’s review is going to be particularly challenging with goals left unmet all over the place. I’m ready for summer to be over and to just hibernate away the winter months. I’m also, however, quite tired, so that may have something to do with the desire to hibernate. Still, maybe this review will show me that I did better than I thought I did!

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Goal Setting and Goal Breaking:  The Cursed Quilt

Sometimes you set a perfectly attainable goal, and then a couple of days later you realize there’s no conceivable way on earth you could possibly accomplish it even after you’d crowed about how you would absolutely manage it this time. Yes, dear readers, I’m talking about finishing my quilt in the month of July. The goal certainly seemed reasonable when I wrote about my plans for the month, and then I sat down to craft night and realized that my quilt is absolutely cursed. I would like to stress that I’m not superstitious in the slightest, and I believe that my quilt is undeniably cursed. Cursed!

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