The Crochet-Loop Bind-Off and Blocked Chuppah

The chuppah project languished last month because I had finished knitting the lace chart and then hit “crochet-loop bind-off” and rather shut down. Although I have crochet hooks in various sizes because I had purchased a lot of knitting needles with some crochet hooks from eBay years ago, I don’t know how to crochet. I have vague memories of sitting down with my mom as a child and making yards and yards of chain stitches, but vague memories of chain stitching in elementary school doesn’t correlate into the confidence to sit down and finish a large project as an adult.

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Promoting the “Every Bunny Needs Civil Rights” Fund-Raiser

When I was approached by an acquaintance from a former job to knit bunnies as a fund-raiser for the ACLU, I readily accepted. As a liberal Jew, I have been alarmed by the vitriol and hate speech directed against minorities and those whose religious beliefs aren’t mainstream. Supporting the ACLU seems to me a no brainer.

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Knitting for Charity

As part of my happiness project, I’ve been trying to think of reliable ways to give back to the community and the world. My fibromyalgia and need for few standing commitments on my calendar makes volunteering on a regular and predictable basis somewhat difficult. So, I combined two loves:  giving back and crafting. I began knitting hats for Knots of Love, an organization that donates hats to chemotherapy patients and blankets to infants in the NICU.

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Delving into Crafting and Self-Examination

I did not realize how much free time I had until I went from fostering a high-needs seven-year-old girl and back to being childless again. I have so much free time. Why haven’t I given my house a thorough cleaning or written a book or learned how to build furniture or tackled poverty or … parented a child? In many ways, I am still grieving the absence that she created, and in many ways, I am so relieved to have control and quiet and safe animals again.

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