The Pesach Parrot: A Passover Story

Maintaining and cultivating a Jewish household is important to me. Naturally, everyone has different ideas of what that means, but celebrating Jewish holidays is a cornerstone of what my Jewish household means. We will celebrate other holidays at other people’s houses, much like we celebrate another person’s birthday though it is not our own.

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Healthier Matzaroni and Cheese with Broccoli

Passover is a difficult week for me. Though I always look forward to the Seder, I dread the rest of the week. Bread is a staple of our diet (heck, my husband has a small bread-baking business!), and we both essentially eat as vegetarians at home. Passover meal planning is difficult, and I crave bread and pasta and oatmeal all week. I know there are people who like matzah just fine, but I am not one of them.

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