The Finally Finished Floor

We have been planning to replace the flooring this year since we bought the house two years ago. Really, the carpet should probably have been replaced sooner than that, but as with all the maintenance that had been deferred on the house, the carpet seemed a much lower priority than painting the exterior of the house and tackling the water issues in the backyard and much less fun than starting a garden. So, the carpet waited, threadbare and trampled underfoot.

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Fibromyalgia and the Perils of Working from a Home Under Construction


Stress is one of the larger triggers to flares in my fibromyalgia fatigue and pain symptoms. My fibromyalgia (and that roguish fledermausen) is the reason that I work from home. Working from home has really been a godsend for me. The flexibility has allowed me to unwind and unknot some of the kinks that have made my life difficult over the last two years. I’ve had a soothing place to work, and the best office mates ever who offer excellent stress relief on a regular basis. Who doesn’t like a cat snuggle or a five minute break to throw a Frisbee for an overzealous aficionado of fetch?

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The Foundation Repairs and Other Home Decisions

Last week was a whirlwind of activity. We took in a new foster kiddo, which is not the story du jour but certainly merits its own post. We also moved most of the furniture out of the house and into the garage/kitchen so that the foundation repairmen could enter our house, drill through our floor, and pump a bunch of plastic foam under it. After all that work, we feasted on Chinese food and slept on mattresses on the floor, dreaming of a level floor and engineered hardwood.

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Trying to Find Gratitude on a Crumbling Foundation: A Homeowner’s Exercise

When we bought our house a few months shy of two years ago, we knew that we’d be dealing with some delayed maintenance by people who had mostly treated the house as a rental. Neither of us expected the scope of the problems that we would encounter. Between moldy bathrooms and rusted out pipes, we’ve certainly had our share of older-house woes.

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