A Successful Cheese!

One of the homey skills I’ve always wanted to learn is how to make cheese. I may have too much of an affinity for cheese (never mind cake), but this desire has been as deeply rooted as it has been unsuccessful. Sure, I only tried to make cheese once,  or twice if you count my attempt to fix said failure. In those attempts, I never made anything close to resembling cheese. Instead, I made a somewhat goopy milk and cream mixture. The unsuccessful cheese has lingered away in the back of my mind as something to be overcome… at some point in the future. Well, the future has arrived, my friends! And it’s a cheesy as I am!

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Cats, Fails, and Quilting Progress

When I purchased the Noel Winter Rosettes quilt, I was 100% convinced that I was purchasing a kit for a queen-sized quilt. We need a second winter blanket, and the fabric was charming and festive. When looking at the pictures, I knew that the pattern would be a little more complicated than the quilts I’ve already made. Let me tell you:  I was spectacularly wrong on both counts.

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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Another Lost Beehive

We did so many things better with the hive this year. I genuinely had hoped that next year we would be able to harvest our own honey from a strong colony that had weathered the ups and downs of the difficult first year in getting established.

No such luck.

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The Super Fail: Corn and Green Beans

I had read somewhere once that planting corn with pole green beans was a solid gardening tip because the beans would use the corn as a trellis and both plants would be the happier for it. This year, I planted my corn and my green beans in the spirit of experimentation, having grown neither varieties before. Now, I believe in experimentation as much as I believe in making mistakes. I further believe in sharing those mistaken ventures with others to avoid repeating them. In that spirit, let me tell you that I unequivocally do not recommend planting corn and pole green beans together.

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