The Bucket List: Milking a Goat and Making Goat Cheese

Maybe milking a goat isn’t on your bucket list. Maybe you think I’m a touch eccentric to so boldly admit that I’ve always wanted to milk a goat. Maybe I am eccentric, but I’m also unequivocally stoked that I was able to cross milking a goat off my bucket list. Better yet, I managed to keep the goat from putting her foot squarely in the middle of that bucket, or knocking it over for that matter.

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The Fails and Jubilations of a Novice Cheesemaker

I am beyond thrilled at my forays into cheese making, even when the cheeses end up a little more on the not-quite-right side than the shazam! one. I’ve now tried enough cheeses from the One-Hour Cheese book that I decided to add another specialty cookbook to our growing stash. My husband has his pile of artisan breads while I have canning, cake, and cheese ones. We are running out of space for our cookbooks in our too small kitchen.

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A Successful Cheese!

One of the homey skills I’ve always wanted to learn is how to make cheese. I may have too much of an affinity for cheese (never mind cake), but this desire has been as deeply rooted as it has been unsuccessful. Sure, I only tried to make cheese once, ¬†or twice if you count my attempt to fix said failure. In those attempts, I never made anything close to resembling cheese. Instead, I made a somewhat goopy milk and cream mixture. The unsuccessful cheese has lingered away in the back of my mind as something to be overcome… at some point in the future. Well, the future has arrived, my friends! And it’s a cheesy as I am!

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