Adventures in Foster Care: The Hair Party

One of our foster kiddos has been living apart from her siblings since she came into foster care. She briefly lived with one of them, but she’s been separated from them for far too long. She misses them intensely. Two of her siblings recently moved to a group home in town. After several texts and conversations, we got the go ahead for us to take the girls out together or have them over to our house.

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The Potato Cat Toys

After we dug up our potatoes, we had 33 pounds of them that needed to find temporary homes to cure for storage. We desperately need a root cellar in our house or a make-do root cellar outside somewhere. Last year, we laid out the potatoes and then the sweet potatoes in a spare bedroom and stored them in a box in that closet. This year, both of our bedrooms are occupied by our (mostly) delightful teenage foster kiddos. Neither one of our girls would take too kindly to spreading out 33 pounds of potatoes on a tarp in the floor of their rooms. Nor do they have room to store them for the winter in their closets. Heck, we wouldn’t and don’t either.

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The Cursed Quilt: Winter Rosettes Quilt






That’s right:  I have broken the curse on my winter rosettes quilt, the most complicated quilt I’ve ever made that has created more problems than I’ve ever had sewing anything. For backstory, you can read here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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Back in the Saddle: A Sewing Project

If you read my sewing-machine drama post, you’ll know that my sewing machine and I have been more on the outs than on the ins. This is unfortunate for many a reason, not the least of which is, of course, that I like to sew. I spent awhile troubleshooting my machine in a bid to determine the problem.

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Promoting the “Every Bunny Needs Civil Rights” Fund-Raiser

When I was approached by an acquaintance from a former job to knit bunnies as a fund-raiser for the ACLU, I readily accepted. As a liberal Jew, I have been alarmed by the vitriol and hate speech directed against minorities and those whose religious beliefs aren’t mainstream. Supporting the ACLU seems to me a no brainer.

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Fibromyalgia and the Perils of Working from a Home Under Construction


Stress is one of the larger triggers to flares in my fibromyalgia fatigue and pain symptoms. My fibromyalgia (and that roguish fledermausen) is the reason that I work from home. Working from home has really been a godsend for me. The flexibility has allowed me to unwind and unknot some of the kinks that have made my life difficult over the last two years. I’ve had a soothing place to work, and the best office mates ever who offer excellent stress relief on a regular basis. Who doesn’t like a cat snuggle or a five minute break to throw a Frisbee for an overzealous aficionado of fetch?

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Knitting for Charity

As part of my happiness project, I’ve been trying to think of reliable ways to give back to the community and the world. My fibromyalgia and need for few standing commitments on my calendar makes volunteering on a regular and predictable basis somewhat difficult. So, I combined two loves:  giving back and crafting. I began knitting hats for Knots of Love, an organization that donates hats to chemotherapy patients and blankets to infants in the NICU.

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