Goal Setting: The May Follow-Up and June 2017 Plans

May, much like the preceding months, absolutely has flown by. I loved being able to honor and celebrate my friend’s wedding, and I particularly liked introducing my parents to our foster kiddo. With their distance in South Carolina, she’s the first kiddo that they’ve been able to meet. The garden is coming together nicely, and I can almost imagine how wonderful it will all look in another month when I check in on goal progress again.

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Books, Kindles, and Audiobooks: A Literacy Love Story

I love to read, and I’ve always loved reading. Even as a child, I loved books. I wrote my own, and I voraciously devoured (and redevoured) borrowed books from the library. When I was transferring to yet another new school as a child, my mom would take me on a tour of the school library as a way to win me over. I vividly remember touring the first grade library: the brightness of the blue globe sitting atop the end of a shelf and the seemingly endless shelves of books waiting for me to savor them word by word building up to sentences, paragraphs, and then whole worlds awaiting discovery. Yes, I was hooked.

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My May 2017 Goals: Bring it on!

One of my friends who is a blogger writes posts about yearly and monthly goals, and I think I may just emulate her. My happiness project, though it had a great start, has fallen a little more by the wayside over the last two months. I think taking more actionable and measurable goals might help me make more progress on tackling the things that I’d like to accomplish. I can almost hear Jane Austen in my head declaring with some irony about how accomplished a woman I am.

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Sheared Sheep

I have been counting sheep in my daydreams for the last year. I’ve even begun reading about sheep in my waking moments too. I’ve read Hit by a Farm and Sheepish, and now I’m buried in the Accidental Farmers. I briefly went a little sheepy and had reserved five other books about raising sheep before I came to my senses and left with just Hit by a Farm. I sometimes need to reel myself in a bit. At any rate, I have been enjoying my non-fiction sheep-related adventures even if actually owning sheep are far off (or perhaps never) in my future.

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The 2016 Big Bend Reading List: Books to Read and Books to Avoid

One of my favorite things to bring on a backpacking trek is my kindle. Sure, it’s heavy, but it’s lighter and more compact than toting several paperback books around. When I’m on vacation, especially a backpacking vacation, I’m a voracious reader. On our trip to Big Bend, I read several books that I thought I would share with y’all. You’ll notice that I’m a reader with diverse taste.

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Tackling Clutter: The Bookshelf

One of my happiness goals was to become more organized. Several closets, bookshelves, and drawers stuffed with paper have nagged, niggled, and nudged my conscience for lack of due diligence, and I consider myself a rather diligent person. I have successfully managed to tackle one of those unpleasant organizing tasks:  our bookshelf. Continue reading “Tackling Clutter: The Bookshelf”