November 2017 Goal-Setting and the October Follow-Up

October began as an unkind month, given that it started with both of my foster kiddos running away. The rest of the month flew by, and I’m rather shocked to find that I’m already a third through November. I hope that since I started my last October goals post a little late, y’all will forgive this one arriving late as well! I’ll get back on track in December! In fact, let’s make it a SMART Goal:  I will post my November goal reflection and December goals on December 1st.  Continue reading “November 2017 Goal-Setting and the October Follow-Up”


A Beekeeper’s Book Review of More Than Honey: The Survival of Bees and the Future of Our World

Markus Imhoof outlines many of the problems facing beekeepers today in his book More Than Honey: The Survival of Bees and the Future of Our World, which Imhoof had originally produced as a documentary. His slant is strongly pro-bees and anti-pesticides and, in conjunction, anti-commercial agriculture. In particular, I found his interviews with a large almond farmer and with a migratory beekeeper fascinating both for their own awareness about the problems that their businesses engendered while still maintaining their capitalistic outlook.

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September 2017 Goal Setting and August Follow-Up

August was an ugly month. Ugly. My level of stress was nigh well astronomical (but not quite so astronomical as the extraordinary total eclipse). I’ve come home from work more ready to quit than not almost every day, and graduate classes started amid a complete failure of my ability to get documentation to have services for students with disabilities. I’ve had more luck being a professional with a disability than a student with one, so the beginning of classes was inordinately stressful too as I deliberated and met with professors about my concerns for class. Also, the beginning of school when you’re a parent of two teenage foster kiddos is more than a touch nutty. Given my stressors, I’m surprised by how much I managed to accomplish this month. Go me.

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The 2016 Big Bend Reading List: Books to Read and Books to Avoid

One of my favorite things to bring on a backpacking trek is my kindle. Sure, it’s heavy, but it’s lighter and more compact than toting several paperback books around. When I’m on vacation, especially a backpacking vacation, I’m a voracious reader. On our trip to Big Bend, I read several books that I thought I would share with y’all. You’ll notice that I’m a reader with diverse taste.

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Fibromyalgia Book Reviews: Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Friedberg 2006)


In my quest to live the best life that I can, I have begun reading more books about fibromyalgia. Most of the information I have so far acquired about fibromyalgia has come from reading various websites around the internet and discussions with my doctor. Of course, in the nebulous darkness of the internet, what counts as credible information isn’t always immediately beyond perusing the main medical sites. I want to improve my quality of life, so, like any bookworm, I decided it was time to get serious about reading books on my condition.

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