Blueberry Maple Jam: A Food-In-Jars-Mastery-Challenge Project

I was beelining to the hold for pick-up shelf at my local library when I passed a display called something akin to “Learn a New Hobby This Summer!” Or maybe it was “Books Designed to Entice Rachel to Stop and Learn a Gazillion New Skills and Improve Others.” Either way, the display title was enough for me to ditch my beeline and spend several minutes flipping through various crafty themed books.

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The Blueberry Patch: From Local Pots, Potted, to Shipped Bare Roots

One of the first things we did when we bought the house—besides immediately discover an alarming quantity of mold behind the walls of the bathroom—was plant blueberries. I envisioned a hedge of blueberries that would supply us with fresh blueberries in the summer and dried blueberries through the off-season. I love blueberries in just about anything:  oatmeal, muffins, yogurt, pies, salads, jam. Blueberries are versatile!

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