The Honeycomb Bee Quilt: Pieced

I’m not sure how I alighted on this Hexagon Park Quilt pattern by Lily’s Quilts since I first decided to make this quilt almost a year ago. (That winter rosettes quilt certainly delayed other quilts). I’m pretty sure that I was googling patterns that used layer cakes because I had been enamored of the Moda Fabrics Bee Creative by Deb Strain.

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Adventures in Foster Care: The Hair Party

One of our foster kiddos has been living apart from her siblings since she came into foster care. She briefly lived with one of them, but she’s been separated from them for far too long. She misses them intensely. Two of her siblings recently moved to a group home in town. After several texts and conversations, we got the go ahead for us to take the girls out together or have them over to our house.

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Apple Ginger Butter: The Food in Jars September Mastery Challenge

Last year, I made spiced peach butter, and it was absolutely delicious. I feel as if I’ve been hoarding it in my cupboard, afraid to open it. The next-to-last time I had opened a jar, one of my foster kiddos basically drank it, and I didn’t get any of it. So, I’ve been a little wary of opening one of the few remaining delectable jars until I had the time and opportunity to make something equally tempting to replace them. In that vein, I had been looking forward to this month’s Food in Jars mastery challenge because I was hoping to make pumpkin butter, which seemed a delicious way to welcome autumn.

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The Day I Almost Caught My House on Fire

I consider myself a fairly responsible person. I juggle tasks reasonably and have been a passably acceptable multitasker. However, when routines and unexpected moments burst open like a popped bubble, all bets are off. In fact, in just one such occasion, I almost caught my house on fire.

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Native Plants for Native Bees and Honeybees: New England Aster

In addition to keeping a hive of bees in my backyard and a flock of chickens, I have quite the vegetable garden, mini orchard, and space devoted to native plants. When I began planting native plants, I specifically looked for natives that were useful not only to my backyard hive but also for the plethora of other native bees and pollinators whose natural habits have shrunk under suburban lawns and stretches of asphalt and cement. If you have space in your backyard for a hive, you should consider planting New England Asters in it not just for your honeybees but for native ones too.

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The Bucket List: Milking a Goat and Making Goat Cheese

Maybe milking a goat isn’t on your bucket list. Maybe you think I’m a touch eccentric to so boldly admit that I’ve always wanted to milk a goat. Maybe I am eccentric, but I’m also unequivocally stoked that I was able to cross milking a goat off my bucket list. Better yet, I managed to keep the goat from putting her foot squarely in the middle of that bucket, or knocking it over for that matter.

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