Crafty Cake Night Dispels Achilles’ Rage

Yesterday morning, afternoon, and early evening were bleak, and I was nigh well a dark squall of lividity, as ominous as the telltale sound of a freight train and a tornado sire squeals in the background.

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Getting Teenagers Interested in Grimy, Old Coins

As a former Latin teacher who is married to a Latin teacher, we can get pretty nerdy on a regular basis ’round these parts. Just yesterday, I asked my husband a question, and he responded in Latin because he was thinking about Latin. That’s just how we roll. Teenagers, however, don’t usually roll that way. They did this weekend. Sure, they weren’t spouting off Latin, but they were focused and attentive (while ignoring their phones!) to clean grit and grime from Roman coins. Yep, Roman coins.

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Reflecting on Latin Nerd Vacation

Our normal vacations include disappearing into the wilderness and losing cellphone coverage, so our trip to Atlanta was far from a traditional spring-break locus and far more professional development than vacation. We never lost cellphone coverage, nor did we ever feel alone. In fact, we were professional residents of the queue:  perfecting the tourist slow shuffle through the Georgia Aquarium and World of Coke or fighting like a salmon against the current as we navigated passing periods in schools that are three times the size of our local ones.

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NaNoWriMo: The Latinate Edition

For years, I’ve watched the approach of November and NaNoWriMo with a kind of voyeuristic enthusiasm (tinged by a touch of self-conscious guilt) as my friends slogged away at the process of giving life to a whole new world. Each November, I consider participating for the briefest of moments before quickly coming up with approximately 783 (and counting) excuses for why participating in the novel-writing process seems more insurmountable than the Khumbu Icefall; the idea seemed both preposterous and inherently perilous.

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A Mary Rose Arrow Bag: Research & Instructions

I became interested in traditional archery after attending several local Society for Creative Anachronism shoots with a friend. I wanted to make a traditional quivery rather than spend the money in the store for a modern quiver. I have described my process and included my research for making a Tudor-style arrow bag based off of remains found in the Mary Rose and reviewing others’ information on their own arrow bags.

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