The Crochet-Loop Bind-Off and Blocked Chuppah

The chuppah project languished last month because I had finished knitting the lace chart and then hit “crochet-loop bind-off” and rather shut down. Although I have crochet hooks in various sizes because I had purchased a lot of knitting needles with some crochet hooks from eBay years ago, I don’t know how to crochet. I have vague memories of sitting down with my mom as a child and making yards and yards of chain stitches, but vague memories of chain stitching in elementary school doesn’t correlate into the confidence to sit down and finish a large project as an adult.

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Cheerful Brightness amid the Dark: The Beginnings of the Totally Tulips Quilt

September has been an ugly month. Although the events of September certainly explain the paucity of my posts, I’m not quite ready to write about what has transpired this month to make me feel so overwhelmed, alone, angry, rejected, and just flat out sad. Yeah, September went about like an emotional sucker punch in the solar plexus.

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The Honeycomb Bee Quilt: Pieced

I’m not sure how I alighted on this Hexagon Park Quilt pattern by Lily’s Quilts since I first decided to make this quilt almost a year ago. (That winter rosettes quilt certainly delayed other quilts). I’m pretty sure that I was googling patterns that used layer cakes because I had been enamored of the Moda Fabrics Bee Creative by Deb Strain.

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The Cursed Quilt: Winter Rosettes Quilt






That’s right:  I have broken the curse on my winter rosettes quilt, the most complicated quilt I’ve ever made that has created more problems than I’ve ever had sewing anything. For backstory, you can read here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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Goal Setting and Goal Breaking:  The Cursed Quilt

Sometimes you set a perfectly attainable goal, and then a couple of days later you realize there’s no conceivable way on earth you could possibly accomplish it even after you’d crowed about how you would absolutely manage it this time. Yes, dear readers, I’m talking about finishing my quilt in the month of July. The goal certainly seemed reasonable when I wrote about my plans for the month, and then I sat down to craft night and realized that my quilt is absolutely cursed. I would like to stress that I’m not superstitious in the slightest, and I believe that my quilt is undeniably cursed. Cursed!

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More Sewing Machine Woes

My sewing machine and I have struggled to maintain a healthy relationship of late. I spent all that money with my first technician to still have problems with my free-motion quilting. Then, I bucked up and tackled sewing a simpler project. I thought we were on the mend. I ordered silver variegated thread from my local quilting store, waited a couple of weeks for it to arrive, and yesterday sat down at my sewing machine ready to try again.

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