Promoting the “Every Bunny Needs Civil Rights” Fund-Raiser

When I was approached by an acquaintance from a former job to knit bunnies as a fund-raiser for the ACLU, I readily accepted. As a liberal Jew, I have been alarmed by the vitriol and hate speech directed against minorities and those whose religious beliefs aren’t mainstream. Supporting the ACLU seems to me a no brainer.

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Pillow Shams that Match My Quilt: A Project Years in the Making

I have been meaning to make these pillow shams since I stitched together my very first quilt years ago. Years. As part of my happiness project, I’m rolling around to unfinished lingering projects and finally knocking them off that perennial to-do list. Although other happiness-project goals may be cast on the wayside more than I’d like to admit (like reading Latin and writing every morning for 30 minutes), I’m slowly and surely making progress on new and old crafting goals.

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Knitting for Charity

As part of my happiness project, I’ve been trying to think of reliable ways to give back to the community and the world. My fibromyalgia and need for few standing commitments on my calendar makes volunteering on a regular and predictable basis somewhat difficult. So, I combined two loves:  giving back and crafting. I began knitting hats for Knots of Love, an organization that donates hats to chemotherapy patients and blankets to infants in the NICU.

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A Friend’s Half a Pound of Spun Yarn

One of my dear friends lives in Atlanta, which is means I rarely get to see her. We have many things in common:  being Jewish, crafty, Latin enthusiasts, and sometimes quite intense. Luckily, her family lives in the Kansas City area, so sometimes I get to see her. Or sometimes, she’ll say “I have a crazy idea!” (and it is), and my husband and I agree to drive out to Atlanta to help her run a Latin-speaking event at her high school. Either way, each visit is a special one.

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Pride and Anxiety: the Finished Winter Rosettes Quilt Top

I am so pleased that I have finished the top piece for my winter rosettes quilt that I’ve been diligently piecing together for weeks and weeks. I’m proud as the proverbial peacock, as pleased as punch, as positive as a parakeet, and… as pickled as a pig’s foot. Yes, pickled. I’ve been so anxious about this quilt since I realized exactly how difficult it was that I feel quite pickled.

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The Most Complicated Block, Husband Approved

Yesterday, I wrote about my progress on my latest quilt project and posted a picture of the most complicated block I had ever made. I knew that distinction would only last until I made the second block. Last night, I pieced it together, and the distinction passed as I knew it would.

After I finished piecing and pressing the block, I waltzed up to my husband (who was busy doing manly things like updating the weather stripping on our front door) and announced, “You’ll need to ooh and awe like you’ve never oohed and owed before.”

Then I showed him the block, and he gave me a spectacularly sassy ooh and awe before adding more seriously, “Actually, that’s really cool.”

Yep. My husband said my quilt block was cool in earnest. I love that man.

As I worked at piecing away my second of the twelve blocks later that night, he announced that I had certainly gotten my money’s worth of crafting time out of this quilt. Maybe this means he’s less annoyed that we don’t currently have a dining room table! Either way, he’s impressed, and I’m so in love with this block.


Cats, Fails, and Quilting Progress

When I purchased the Noel Winter Rosettes quilt, I was 100% convinced that I was purchasing a kit for a queen-sized quilt. We need a second winter blanket, and the fabric was charming and festive. When looking at the pictures, I knew that the pattern would be a little more complicated than the quilts I’ve already made. Let me tell you:  I was spectacularly wrong on both counts.

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