The Crochet-Loop Bind-Off and Blocked Chuppah

The chuppah project languished last month because I had finished knitting the lace chart and then hit “crochet-loop bind-off” and rather shut down. Although I have crochet hooks in various sizes because I had purchased a lot of knitting needles with some crochet hooks from eBay years ago, I don’t know how to crochet. I have vague memories of sitting down with my mom as a child and making yards and yards of chain stitches, but vague memories of chain stitching in elementary school doesn’t correlate into the confidence to sit down and finish a large project as an adult.

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The Toastiness of a Wood-Burning Stove

We ordered our wood-burning stove in March, and the installation was finally complete in August. Yes, August. Never mind heating the inside of the house, the great outdoors felt as if they were heated by the wood-burning stove that is the Kansas summer sun. My husband waited with eager anticipation for the day when he could finally, finally justify burning wood in the new stove.

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Comparing Three Heirloom Varieties of Sweet Potatoes: The Harvested Haul

This year, I opted to expand my sweet potato horizons by ordering three different varieties to plant and explore. Although I haven’t taste tested them yet, I have a darn good idea of how the sweet potatoes did in the garden before getting to the plate based on the quantity of each that a friend and I pulled pulled from the ground.

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October 2017 Goal-Setting and the September Follow-Up

I wrote in earnestness last month that I wasn’t sure how to forecast September. I’m glad I didn’t try too hard because September sure walloped me emotionally just about every which way to sideways. I was offered a job; I accepted the job only to have the offer rescinded. I had to hospitalize a kiddo. Then both of my kiddos wanted to leave our home. Then both of our kiddos ran away. September packed a punch. I’m in need of some respite, but I’m not certain how much October can provide. Either way, I had lots of holes in goals this month, never mind the day-to-days I’d expected to manage, didn’t list as goals, and utterly failed to manage.  Continue reading “October 2017 Goal-Setting and the September Follow-Up”

When Parenting Teenagers Got Really Hard: The Runaway-Longest-Week-Ever Edition

As I was finishing writing my post about the changes to my family that resulted from honest, healthy, and very adult conversations about feelings, wishes, and values, my foster children were already gone. Yes, gone. Shortly after I hit publish, one of the alarm clocks for the girls went off… and off… and off. So, I went to see what the deal was, and both girls were just gone.

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The Disintegration of Family: When You Love Someone, Let Her Go

Over the last two weeks and over the next month, my family of the last four and seven months is disintegrating. We had some major traumatic life events occur, including the hospitalization of one of our kiddos. One particularly awful night, both kiddos disparaged our home and lifestyle out of anger and frustration (intentionally and perhaps not so intentionally). They said that they didn’t choose to live here and didn’t want to live here.

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Cheerful Brightness amid the Dark: The Beginnings of the Totally Tulips Quilt

September has been an ugly month. Although the events of September certainly explain the paucity of my posts, I’m not quite ready to write about what has transpired this month to make me feel so overwhelmed, alone, angry, rejected, and just flat out sad. Yeah, September went about like an emotional sucker punch in the solar plexus.

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