Adventures in Foster Care: The Hair Party

One of our foster kiddos has been living apart from her siblings since she came into foster care. She briefly lived with one of them, but she’s been separated from them for far too long. She misses them intensely. Two of her siblings recently moved to a group home in town. After several texts and conversations, we got the go ahead for us to take the girls out together or have them over to our house.

We decided to have a hair party because one of the girls is quite skilled at braiding hair. We purchased so much weave that my kiddo and I jokingly did bicep curls with our bags of hair on the way back to the car. We giggled incessantly about it, and it felt good to see her so happy. She planned what we’d eat that day based on what she liked and what she knew her sisters would like (biscuits and gravy for brunch, puppy chow as a snack, and Chinese food for dinner).

The day was a long one for me. The girls were obviously on their best behavior, but it was emotionally draining having so much going on all day. I did activities I enjoy—love even—while the girls braided hair, sang, danced, watched silly videos, and braided yet more hair. But I was still utterly wiped by the time they finished up with our kiddo’s hair, cleaned up the living room, snapped some photos, and left the house.

Still, I’m glad we did it, and I would absolutely have another hair party for our kiddo and her sisters.

My cat also wanted his hair done. No time, alas.



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