Crafty Cake Night Dispels Achilles’ Rage

Yesterday morning, afternoon, and early evening were bleak, and I was nigh well a dark squall of lividity, as ominous as the telltale sound of a freight train and a tornado sire squeals in the background.

I was in such a furor that when a friend passed me at work, we had this psychic telepathic moment where she looked at me, and I looked at her, and I saw in her face: “Gosh, Rachel is a-n-g-r-y.” I responded back with “hell, yeah, I am! I’ll tell you about it tonight!” And as kind-hearted as she is, I almost heard the tentative, “oooookay” messaged back.

On my way home, bicycling out my work-related discontent, I thought of Achilles, and the opening lines of the Iliad popped into my head.


Sing, Goddess, Achilles’ rage,

Black and murderous, that cost the Greeks

Incalculable pain, pitched countless souls

Of heroes into Hades’ dark,

And left their bodies to rot as feasts

For Dogs and birds, as Zeus’ will was done.

Achilles was one angry dude, and I felt that kind of apoplectic fury bubbling out of my every joint. As irate as I was, I’m still rational enough to know that my family doesn’t deserve that kind of curt anger from me. So, I sequestered myself in my room for a while to give myself time to decompress.

Then my friends arrived for our weekly craft night where craft is loosely interpreted and entirely optional, and we hang out, chat, and do (sometimes) crafty-ish things. Sometimes, I even serve a cake. Last night’s cake was a lemon cake with ginger syrup and a bittersweet chocolate frosting. Although no my favorite cake that I’ve made, it was still delicious.

Achilles needed a slice of great cake to cool his heels.

Better yet, after spending time quilting and eating cake and chatting with some truly wonderful people, I felt so much better. All that rage had dissipated, and I didn’t have to leave any bodies for the rabid animals. I think Achilles would’ve done a lot better if he’d had a productive hobby and some good girlfriends—and not the kind that get handed out as war prizes.

Quilting in progress

As terrible as yesterday morning and afternoon were, the day ended just as pleasantly. Crafty cake night works for me in dispelling Achilles-like rage. What’s your strategy for dealing with anger?


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