Meanderings through the mid-June Garden, Mostly on a Positive Note (Except My Tomatoes)

Our garden is looking full and vibrant, and I hope to start raking in more produce than I know what to do with shortly. (The answer, by the way, is can, can, can, can, can! Can everything! I’d have to have a lot of produce not to know what to do with it…)

Speaking of abundant produce, I spent a rather large amount of time going through my raised bed Landreth Stringless Bush green beans. They look delicious. Wonderful. Delightful. I’m happy to have the bush beans already producing while the pole beans are still climbing their trellis and beginning just now to flower. We already have a batch of produce that’s so large in quantity that we might just can a couple of jars of dilly beans this week. (Remember, I’m a burgeoning pickle fiend; also, our new foster kiddo asked me to make her some!).


I wandered through some other areas of the garden, taking pictures of all the lovely things ripening and swelling on vines, bushes, and trees. The garden looks just lovely and tasty (though not quite ripe yet). I took many pictures to share, and I hope your garden is bringing you joy too!

Left: One of my two apples; middle: one of my several blueberry clumps; right: one of my two peaches.

The one area of my garden that has me worried are my tomatoes. I planted two extra beds of tomatoes after the squirrels (jerks that they are) pulled up every single one of my corn plants. JERKS! But, I thought, what the hey, I want to can a slew of tomatoes, let me plant some more. An entire bed of my tomatoes have shriveled, curled upwards, deformed leaves. I don’t know whether they have some kind of virus, whether the weird weather has been problematic, or what… An acquaintance suggested the likely culprit could be herbicide exposure, likely from a neighbor on accident.

A few other tomato plants in other beds have the same problem, but nothing like this one bed of tomatoes. Most of my tomatoes are looking healthy and beginning to set fruit. As for my less than stellar ones, I’m not sure whether to pull them out and try to get another crop of tomatoes in while I’d still have time to harvest them. I’ll probably give them another week to see how they respond. If not, I may give tomatoes another go… or I might try growing something else instead. Not sure yet; it’ll likely depend on how many other tomatoes start behaving oddly.


Left: deformed leaves, curled oddly, and leathery; others, well, duh: tomatoes!

Even with the concerns about my tomatoes, I am so pleased to see how the garden is growing this year.

Left:  my native flower bed; upper right: turnips! Next week will definitely feature some turnips on the menu; middle right: my pollinator patch, mostly annuals; bottom right: my potatoes look lovely, and they even set (poisonous) tomato-like fruit this year.

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