More Sewing Machine Woes

My sewing machine and I have struggled to maintain a healthy relationship of late. I spent all that money with my first technician to still have problems with my free-motion quilting. Then, I bucked up and tackled sewing a simpler project. I thought we were on the mend. I ordered silver variegated thread from my local quilting store, waited a couple of weeks for it to arrive, and yesterday sat down at my sewing machine ready to try again.

The top side of my sample block looks fine. The back side, however, does not. The thread pulls and tugs around the corners as if it were eliciting a protest about my design intentions. I tried sewing with a straight stitch to see if the same problem materialized. It didn’t. My sewing machine apparently desires only to go in straight happy lines, obsequious only to steady linear progress.

The reverse of my quilt-practice piece; I swear it looks smoother on the top… still, you can see how it tugs at the corners. The reverse of straight stitches are at the top.

I did not call back the first technician but found another company that provides sewing-machine repair. When I dropped off the sewing machine, I was dumbfounded by the cost of a few of the machines. I definitely don’t have $18,000 to buy some kind of beautifully complex machine. I felt as if I had spent money just looking at the thing. Yikes! I tried not to look too hard at machines that might be closer to my budget. I want my Singer back.

So, my machine is stuck in a four-to-five-week-long queue awaiting a technician who may or may not be able to fix the free-motion feature. I certainly hope the technician can. I really want to finish my quilt and to start my next project, and I need a machine that can quilt to accomplish that. In the meantime, I have plenty of knitting to do.

I can’t tell if he wants me to finish the quilt or just cede it directly to him unfinished. 

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