Variegated Blue Yarn: A Project in the Making

I’ve spun my fair share of skeins, but, thus far, I haven’t knitted with any of them. My initial pound of roving was to get the hang of spinning. My subsequent project was a gift for a friend of mine. This spinning project is my first that’s just for me. Woo!

I enjoyed the variegated 100% merino wool that I had used for my friend’s project so much, that my husband bought me the roving in a lovely deep blue color warbled with golds and warm purples. After spinning his gift, I didn’t quite have enough to make a short-sleeved sweater out of, so I opted to buy some additional roving to finish out the yarn.


The yarn turned out wonderful. Sure, it’s sometimes more bulky than worsted, but I love it all the same. The biggest thing I learned from this spinning adventure is that I should make smaller skeins rather than continuing to talk myself into just adding on a little more to that niddy noddy. I don’t think I saved myself any time by making a monstrous skein of yarn.

As for my quantity, I’m still a little on the short side for making a shirt. I’m learning toward the Pull Me Over, which I should have enough yarn to make and liked well enough. I found a few other tank patterns that I like a little more (Caeles and Lindis), but I think I’d have to spin more yarn. Either way, it’s a close call on my yarn, so I am considering spinning another hank of roving just to be on the safe side and make something I might like wearing a touch better. That, and I miss having roving and the option to spin when I want to sit in the recliner and productively rest for awhile, so it’s a darn good excuse to have something to spin.

On that note, I should really sit in the recliner and rest. It’s been a long week: we took in a new foster kiddo, and those weeks are always stressful (good, but still stressful) as I learn about a new child and meet the people in her life. On the bright side, I have the perfect knitting project for a night on the recliner:  Knitting a lace chuppah for my synagogue’s silent auction. I shouldn’t knit anything else until it’s finished anyway!

Shabbat Shalom, y’all!

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