Baby Chick Cuddles

Baby animals are universally adorable and delightful, but baby chicks have a special place in this suburban homesteader’s heart—especially since they’re really the only baby animal I have as of yet. When they arrive in the mail, they’re one-day old, and I promptly send out text messages to all my friends with small babies and, well, all my friends to invite them over for chicken cuddles. Everyone seems equally excited to hold a small baby chicken that peep peeps away into their hand before settling cozily into their hands and looking content and even drifting off to sleep.

I’ve had fun cozying up with the baby chicks this week. I’ve also taken the baby chicks to see their grown-up selves. Seeing a chick that’s just a few days old up against full-grown chickens is quite the sight. Chickens aren’t large animals, but they seem like towering Goliaths against the size of their offspring.

Goliath vs. Chick

The babies have enjoyed their outdoor coop for the most part. Our spring weather has been a little unusual:  we have had temperatures nearing ninety degrees in the sun only to plummet to a low of 43 degrees this weekend. On the hot day, the chickens seemed a little overheated, but a reminding, gentle beak dunk in the water and some cuddle time in the shade seemed to do the trick. Then, of course, came the cool temperature swing this weekend. I had waited to have the baby chicks delivered until May 15th because my husband hates having baby chicks inside the house and by the second week in May, we really shouldn’t be having lows that would preclude raising chicks outside.

The Brinsea EcoGlow brooder that we use to raise chicks is fantastic. I can’t say enough good things about it; I love, love, love it, and I think everyone should use it for raising chicks. It has one major drawback though: it really shouldn’t be used in temperatures below 50 degrees, especially with chicks less than a week old. So, we had to bundle up our baby chicks and bring them inside. Our foster kiddo was delighted; my husband was not. With only a teensy bit of grudging sighs, my husband and I transferred the baby chicks to a large plastic storage bin for a night inside. Our kiddo even begged to have the chicks sleep in her room; she was that over the moon about it.

The next day, the chickens were back outside. Tonight, several of my husband’s graduated seniors (he’s a teacher) are coming over to the house for pizza night. I imagine that the baby chicks will get even more cuddles tonight!

Chicken Cuddles, Naps, and Introductions

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