Native Plants in the Garden

I love planting native flowers in the garden, and I have two large flower beds devoted to them. Unfortunately, the rabbits have enjoyed the prairie clover I bought nearly as much as I would’ve if they’d ever allowed them to grow large enough to flower… or grow much at all. I probably should’ve been more aware that all the neighborhood rabbits would enjoy clover (of all plants), but I didn’t put that together when I ordered them. Due to their overindulgence, the clover has struggled, and I think this last winter finally did the vast majority of them in.

So, I ordered some additional flowers to replace the devoured clover and to flesh out a shadier spot in the other flower beds. I particularly like Prairie Moon Nursery for their mix-and-match trays of flowers. I purchased 36 native plants, including six different varieties, for $139. Pricey? Depends on how you look at it. I supported a native-plant nursery, and I bought nearly 40 perennial plants at about $4 a plant. All the plants arrived looking pretty healthy, and they’re all happily out in the garden right now.

The varieties that I purchases were mostly flowers for sunny places and for pollinators. I purchased prairie coreopsis, button blazing star (the bees love the taller prairie blazing star I have!), and Bradbury’s monarda. I purchased Ohio Spiderwort because I’ve been enchanted anytime I encounter them on a bicycle ride; they grow prolifically along stretches of the Katy Trail, a rails-to-trails project in Missouri. I purchased little bluestem grass because I feel like I need to incorporate the occasional grass as much as I love the native flowers (and we live in Kansas). I also wanted to try out Sweet Joe Pyeweed as a huge shade (up to seven feet!) flower that is fantastic for pollinators. Given the number of large oak trees around us, I am considering the Sweet Joe Pyeweed that I purchased to be auditioning for larger spots elsewhere in our yard.

I can’t wait to see how all the plants turn out, but I imagine I will have to wait. The native flowers I planted previously always looked more spectacular the second year than they did the first. Except, of course, for the prairie clover, and let’s hope none of the plants are quite so delicious to the local fauna!

My mix-and-match tray of 36 native plants

For the record, I’ve received nothing from Prairie Moon Nursery for this write-up. I’m just a happy customer who plans to continue buying native flowers from them in the future.


2 thoughts on “Native Plants in the Garden

    1. Definitely an option! I think I’ll probably just let myself get a tray every year. 🙂 They’re all still looking awesome in the yard, and the jerky rabbits have left them alone so far!


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