Back in the Saddle: A Sewing Project

If you read my sewing-machine drama post, you’ll know that my sewing machine and I have been more on the outs than on the ins. This is unfortunate for many a reason, not the least of which is, of course, that I like to sew. I spent awhile troubleshooting my machine in a bid to determine the problem.

In my entirely not-an-expert opinion, my sewing machine seems fine when I’m sewing a straight stitch, but it has become finicky about free-motion embroidery. We certainly have some kinks to work out in our relationship, especially my  current aversion to using it at all. So, for craft night, I fired up my sewing machine… and started an entirely different project that required only straight stitches. WOO!

I made the one-hour basket by Hearts & Bees. I also must confess that this basket took me significantly longer than an hour, but I think the next one I’d made would be more around the hour mark. I’d also make sure to use more proper interfacing. Apparently, Wonder Under should not be used with this project, which is part of what took me so long to finish it. Wonder Under was the only type of interfacing I had on hand, and the point of this project was to have a simple already-have-everything project to get back in the sewing saddle. Wonder Under, as I have learned, is really meant to fuse fabric to fabric, and the feed dogs of my machine did not want to propel the fused back of my only-under-one-wonder-under fabric. Instead, I had to trick the feed dogs into moving forward by sliding a piece of paper under the backing—and praying I didn’t accidentally sew the paper to the back. I didn’t! Still, this is one of many reasons that the basket took longer than an hour!


I held the basket up for my husband and requested the appropriate response (wow, that looks so nice!). Then we sat the basket down on the pass through for half a week as we tried to figure out how to use the darn thing. At first, the basket sat upright and perky, awaiting an inspirational idea for its designated use. Then, it started to sag as the days passed and no ideas arose.

One night, my husband was in a spate of cleaning the living room, and he picked up the roving I had left on the coffee table and asked if I had a place to put it. I told him I didn’t, and he sighed and piled it on the coffee table more neatly. I once had a place for my roving:  a lovely large tote bag my mother-in-law had given me. Then one of my cats decided that this tote bag full of roving and spun yarn was the perfect substitute for his cat box. I’ve been without a place to store the currently-in-use project roving ever since.

The next morning, as I passed my depressed little project, I had that bolt of inspiration. My basket was the perfect size for storing roving. Eureka! I picked up the roving off the coffee table (thus making my clutter-phobic husband happy) and stashed it in the basket. Then, I glanced at my spinning wheel and had yet another edifying zap. I could hang the basket off my spinning wheel. Perfectly. WOO!


This may be a silly small success to celebrate, but some weeks you need to focus on the inconsequential delights because the momentous ones are absent. So, here I am celebrating that I have pulled my sewing machine from the closet, made something new using materials only from my stash, and found the entirely perfect use for it—almost as if I had planned it.




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