My May 2017 Goals: Bring it on!

One of my friends who is a blogger writes posts about yearly and monthly goals, and I think I may just emulate her. My happiness project, though it had a great start, has fallen a little more by the wayside over the last two months. I think taking more actionable and measurable goals might help me make more progress on tackling the things that I’d like to accomplish. I can almost hear Jane Austen in my head declaring with some irony about how accomplished a woman I am.

At any rate, I do have several goals and tasks in mind for May, and I think writing them down (and broadcasting them) will help me commit to them. In addition, I’ll be laying out SMART goals:  Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Part of my struggles with my happiness project is that some of my goals aren’t very measurable. So, here I am, with my specific, measurable, hopefully achievable, relevant to me, and restricted to May goals.

My reading goals!

I want to read a variety of books this month, most of which are library books that I’ve already checked out and that are piled haphazardly on the coffee table to the dismay of my husband. I decided to include the Latin book I had already started since I’ve derailed on one of my habits of reading Latin in the morning. I’ve unfortunately been too tired to get up with my husband, and that means I haven’t been reading Latin every morning.

  • The Case Against Sugar
  • Beeconomy
  • Quarter Acre Farm
  • Ille Hobbitus
  • Raising Rabbits

Notice a trend? Yep. I have farm dreams. What good farming books have y’all read lately?

My hobby goals!

I have diverse hobbies, and I like all of them. Sometimes that makes it difficult to choose what I’m going to do when, but regardless of what I choose, I enjoy it! Of course, having so many hobbies makes it difficult to keep pace with all of them. Still, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Finish winter rosettes quilt
  • Finish spinning the half-pound of roving I bought
  • Figure out where I am in the long-slumbering chuppah project and start knitting so I can (finally) donate it this fall
  • Write blog posts three times a week (I’m close, but not quite there)
  • Make at least two products for the food-in-jars challenge either past or present—this month’s challenge is cold-pack preserving
  • Make at least three new cheese (I’m making one today!)
  • Finish planting in the garden
  • Cut up the sod along the blueberry bed and replace with weed paper/mulch

With all these crafty hobbies, I may need to expand my Wednesday night craft sessions!

My health goals!

I will always have a chronic and incurable condition:  fibromyalgia. I still, however, want to be as healthy as I can be despite that condition. I’ve been doing well on daily exercising, but I have other areas where I’m trying to learn new skills or make new habits that will improve my quality of life.

  • Meditate five times a week—this new project deserves its own blog post
  • Continue daily exercise (even if it’s a short and gentle stretch session)
  • Take two long bike rides around the city for fun, not commuting
  • Take a short walk at least five days a week
  • Take afternoon stretch breaks on days I’m working

As for the rest of May, I have so many things I’m looking forward to. We get our baby chickens, we’re taking the kiddos to the ballet and a baseball game, my new fruit trees arrive, I’ll be a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding, my folks will come up from South Carolina to visit, and the garden will start popping up with more greenery—should we ever get some sun and a break from all the rain. Those are all the pleasant things I expect to enjoy in May. As for the unpleasant, well, I’m not looking forward to Mother’s Day. If you didn’t read my post earlier, I can sum it up by saying that I’m having complicated feelings about my not-a-mother motherhood of late, and I’m dreading a day that celebrates mothers when I’m not really a mother.

We’ll just have to see how it all shakes out, but I just hope that May turns out better than April did. I’m hoping that writing down the goals will help me tackle them. Accountability is always a good thing. How do y’all keep yourselves accountable? What goals do you have for the month?


4 thoughts on “My May 2017 Goals: Bring it on!

  1. Rabbits, huh? I’ve always been interested–for fur mostly, but a little for meat, too. I can’t remember the chicken blogger–the Hen Cam, maybe?–who used to have a big bunny that lived with her chickens? I’m sort of hoping one of my kids will take an interest in 4-H, so we can start some as a project some day.


    1. I wish I had taken an interest in 4-H when I was a kiddo! I’m not familiar with the blogger, but I am pretty interested in rabbits. I’m mostly interested in meat, but if we do get rabbits, I’d like to choose a variety that I could also sell the fur. Of course, my husband has made it clear I need to be willing to participate more in the cleaning process, so for now, I’m reading on them to determine feasibility and care within our space.


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