Garden Work and Blossoms

After chaos of construction, I relished working in the garden this weekend. I planted a few overdue seeds while the kiddos complained of child-labor laws for daring to ask for an extra 90 minutes of help around the yard. (Gasp!) My husband added compost to the garden beds and mixed the other barrel. He set the final garden bed into the slight slope of the hill and filled it with wheelbarrow and wheelbarrow full of dirt. After this miscellany of prep work and post-due planting, our garden is officially, officially ready for spring.

Peach blossoms

Of course, the pint-sized orchard has been ready for us for quite some time now. The peaches blossomed in mid-March with lovely rosy pink and creamy white petals. The sight of the flowering trees always filled me with a kind of warm, tickled contentment as I scurried in and out of the house amid the work that was being done on its interior and the errands that had to be accomplished. Now, both the first of my apple and my trees are filling with blooms as I’m now able to have the time to enjoy them and have the weather that permits it. Spring! Glorious spring!

Apple blossoms

I take walking breaks during the work day, and one of the houses I frequently walk by has a hedge made of lilac bushes. The smell was so fresh, so fragrant that I stopped a few minutes to smell the lilacs. I treasure this moment of spring, as the redbuds flower and then leaf out, as the lilacs sweeten the spring air, and as my own garden blossoms into life.

Cherry blossoms

Yes, spring is here. Amid the hubbub of activity in your life, take a moment to really and truly greet it. For me, I greet spring by noticing the subtle change in color, the tiny leaves on trees, and stopping to appreciate or smell the new blossoms. How do you like to greet spring?


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