The Finally Finished Floor

We have been planning to replace the flooring this year since we bought the house two years ago. Really, the carpet should probably have been replaced sooner than that, but as with all the maintenance that had been deferred on the house, the carpet seemed a much lower priority than painting the exterior of the house and tackling the water issues in the backyard and much less fun than starting a garden. So, the carpet waited, threadbare and trampled underfoot.

Then, at the first of the year, I duly scheduled an appointment for the carpet guy to come and measure our floors… hopefully for engineered hardwood. Not only did we discover that our foundation was terrible, but we went through the whole disheartening process of auditioning contractors and emptying the house to repair the foundation and hopefully get engineered hardwood, only to be terribly disappointed not only to not get hardwood but also to not really see any tangible results from the money we spent to supposedly repair the foundation.


So, our last month has been a grueling, exhausting, and disheartening slog of work, work, work without sufficient recovery time. Still, sometimes that arduous task saves you in the long run. We opted to save money by moving the furniture ourselves and tearing out the old carpet. Additionally, the carpet company would have charged us significantly more to haul away our old carpet than our local waste-management company. We ended up saving about $400 all in all, and we may have bribed friends with donuts and pizza to help us move some of our belongings and other friend watched our animals at her house for us. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, we have excellent friends.

Done, we are more or less finished with floors for a good, good long while. Moving everything out of the house not once but twice in less than a month has been more than a little tiring. While it’s disappointing that the wood-burning stove is backordered until June, we have its hearth pad all ready to go. Sure, the baseboards aren’t done yet, but my husband can tackle those piecemeal, room by room as he has time. Regardless of these odds and ends, we are done with contractors coming in and out of the house, with appointments, and with all of our belongings being moved in and out of the garage multiple times. Sweet, quiet relief!


I love the feel of real carpet underneath my toes. Luxurious carpet. Soft carpet. Carpet that I can squish between my toes. Carpet that isn’t threadbare and stained and somewhat embarrassing. The tile that caught my husband’s eye at Home Depot has grown on me, and I like having tile at the entry way. Better yet:  Spring has sprung, and I can finally turn my attention to my expansive garden. Maybe April will be better than I feared just last weekend when I was yet again tearing apart the house.


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