Promoting the “Every Bunny Needs Civil Rights” Fund-Raiser

When I was approached by an acquaintance from a former job to knit bunnies as a fund-raiser for the ACLU, I readily accepted. As a liberal Jew, I have been alarmed by the vitriol and hate speech directed against minorities and those whose religious beliefs aren’t mainstream. Supporting the ACLU seems to me a no brainer.

And so, my craft time has been to knit bunny after bunny after bunny. I knitted seven bunnies during the month of March. If you’re interested in purchasing any of the bunnies I made (or that others knitted) for the fund-raiser, you can purchase them here. Each bunny is $20, and all money is to be donated to the ACLU. My acquaintance (who has a fantastic blog and I’m constantly impressed with her crafty skills, gardening prowess, and discussions of motherhood) will ship the bunnies too. She wrote darling descriptions for the bunnies. If you’re interested, my bunnies are Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail, Violet, Dash, Daisy, and Poppy. No, I didn’t name them. Yes, she’s that creatively clever.

This message is approved by my cats who are all too glad to see the fluffy tail end to me knitting bunnies and arranging them on their heads. The featured image on this page is a picture my acquaintance took for the fund-raiser and is not my own.


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