Lemony-Herby-Garlicky Salt: Food in Jars Mastery Challenge

In addition to making the soup base for the Food in Jars Mastery Challenge, I also made a herb-lemon-zest salt based on this recipe. I like the idea of creating an herb salt with whatever sad leftover herbs I have in the fridge, so it seemed a useful recipe to try out for the salt-preserving element of the challenge. In addition, I frequently (though I shouldn’t) have extra herbs in the garden that I could utilize for this type of preservation.

The recipe was as easy and forgiving as described. The most difficult part of the recipe was the endless dicing of the herbs to get them to the uniform size I wanted. This type of slicing and dicing sometimes causes a flare in the pain in my hand, and it did this time. This pain is probably why the herbs tend to wither in the fridge or in the garden. At the same time, the rewards can be so great! A day of a stiff hand is worth it. Besides, the vibrant yellow and green against the white was such a lovely visual experience.


The ingredients took significantly longer to dry out than 48 hours. I should have popped them in the oven, but I was getting ready for a trip to Atlanta, so I just left them out to dry. When I returned, they were as crispy and crunchy as the recipe promised they would be. Half of the batch is for my friend who is doing the challenge with me, and the other half is for me to experiment with at will. I think it’d be quite tasty on some steamed or roasted veggies.

I’m not sure whether I’m done with the salt-preserving challenge. I hadn’t realized how versatile salt preserving could be, and I have a hankering to try out salt-preserved lemons for use in hummus and possibly soups. At the same time though, February has been a busy month, and March doesn’t look much kinder.

I hope your February experiments and adventures have gone as well as mine!



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