Comedy in the Chicken Coop

I dislike our garden-shed coop for so many reasons, but I do like that when we bought our house, we had a ready-to-use chicken coop, so it has sufficed. One day, though, I have real coop dreams. Until then and in-between the awkwardness, I have the occasional comedic moments in our less-than-perfect coop.

One of the reasons I dislike the chicken coop is because of where the nesting boxes are located and the resulting dead space that lives underneath them. Invariably, I will have a chicken that wants to lay her eggs underneath the nesting boxes. After all, chickens like private low-to-the-ground places to lay their eggs. That dead space provides it.

Our garden-shed-turned chicken coop

This year’s batch of new chickens had particularly struggled to accept the nesting boxes and would lay eggs under them routinely. Frustrations abounded. So, I assembled a slew of boxes and shoved, wedged, and piled them in the dead space under the nesting boxes.

We still had the wayward chicken who every so often announced her displeasure by laying an egg in the middle of the coop floor, but significantly more of the eggs have made it into the nesting boxes. Win! Life carried on, and we kept collecting every egg from the nesting boxes and sometimes the floor of the coop.

Well, most of the eggs.

One particularly determined hen found a way to nudge past my assembled pile of boxes to create her own premium clandestine nesting location. We discovered it when my foster kiddo asked my husband to investigate the coop because our Dorking was missing. She didn’t want to discover a dead hen as he had last weekend, so my husband began investigating. He found her sitting on top a pile of eggs in the large box I had wedged under the nesting boxes. Pleased as punch with herself and annoyed as heck with us.

The chickens inspect the hidden clutch.

The boxes have come out of the coop, and we’re collecting all of the eggs from the coop again. Unless she’s somehow found herself another hidey-hole in which to lay her eggs! Let’s hope not.

Silver Gray Dorking (she always seems to be giving me some epic maternal side eye)

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