Knitting for Charity

As part of my happiness project, I’ve been trying to think of reliable ways to give back to the community and the world. My fibromyalgia and need for few standing commitments on my calendar makes volunteering on a regular and predictable basis somewhat difficult. So, I combined two loves:  giving back and crafting. I began knitting hats for Knots of Love, an organization that donates hats to chemotherapy patients and blankets to infants in the NICU.

Knots of Love has specific yarn requirements that are more comfortable for patients. The organization also has several hat patterns to choose from on their website. I’ve made three different styles of hats, Shannon’s Classy Chemo Hat, 30 Rock, and Occasional Purl. I’ve enjoyed making them all, especially since I’ve had friends who have battled cancer and others who have had to visit their newborn in the NICU. When choosing a charity, this one just made sense to me.

Beyond the charity itself, hats are such portable projects! I made sizable headway on two of the hats during the long trek down to Big Bend in December. I knit sometimes while watching a show. I feel as if I should have made more hats by now, but I also sew and spin, so maybe I should cut myself some slack. I finished my fifth hat last night—all in the same lovely purple of that tricky sweater pattern I finally hobbled together.

Yep, these hats are all stash busters. After five hats, I finally have less than one skein remaining in that deep, rich purple of my shine worsted. I may combine it with another pretty color to do a striped hat, but my next charity project is knitting Easter bunnies. One of my acquaintances is planning to sell them to raise money for the ACLU. I picked a lovely rainbow-colored hue and plan to make at least two of them. (Chrome Worsted, Carnival).

Some days, I just can’t do much more than chill in a recliner with my cats. It’s nice to feel like I’m still contributing to the world in some small way while doing something I love.

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