Discombobulated Habits: When Your World Changes

When your world changes, say, having two teenagers arrive at your house after you’ve spent the previous week feeling discombobulated after meeting with three foundation contractors, some of your habits may fall by the wayside. You might keep exercising every day (point, Rachel!), but you might not be reading thirty minutes of Latin and writing for thirty minutes every day (points, world!). Your dog probably isn’t getting walked over your lunch break either because you’re spending that time on the phone with caseworkers. Yes, he’s still giving me those puppy-dog eyes.

I’m hoping to get back on my habit wagon this week. After all, I made these habits because they’re important to me, even as it’s important for me to be helping others and getting kiddos situated as best as I can. As I write this, one of my teenagers came bouncing into my office with the bag of buttermilk chocolate-chip scones I made and jokingly announced that she had made me breakfast! (I told her, yes, she could have one for breakfast; my other teenager is eating the granola bars that I made yesterday for breakfast.)

So, writing may be a little more scattered this week. I might be talking about crushes, boys, facetime, scheduling retakes of the ACT, and whether to apply for jobs. Still, amid all those joyful distractions, I am going to read Latin and write. Besides, those life distractions are a big part of my own personal fulfillment. I want to help kiddos and make a difference in the world too.

My teenager just ran into my office shouting, zoom! zoom! and wanting to talk about the War of 1812 and the Indian Removal Act.

Discombobulated? Sure. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Maybe tomorrow will be a bit more cohesive, but today, I’ll call it a darn good start.


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