A Friend’s Half a Pound of Spun Yarn

One of my dear friends lives in Atlanta, which is means I rarely get to see her. We have many things in common:  being Jewish, crafty, Latin enthusiasts, and sometimes quite intense. Luckily, her family lives in the Kansas City area, so sometimes I get to see her. Or sometimes, she’ll say “I have a crazy idea!” (and it is), and my husband and I agree to drive out to Atlanta to help her run a Latin-speaking event at her high school. Either way, each visit is a special one.

When she was in the area for Thanksgiving, she visited our house, and I tried to teach her how to spin on my wheel. Much like my own class, she went through several layers of frustration before she began spinning yarn. Then, however, her joy was palpable. I decided then that my first project after finishing the pound of roving would be to spin her some skeins as a gift.

Well, they’re finished with plenty of time to bring to her before we visit in mid-February. (I’m pretty sure she doesn’t read my blog, but if she does, it’s still a surprise, no?) As I’m still a novice, it’s not entirely a worsted yarn because it sometimes veers bulky before settling back into worsted weight. Still, I think the skeins are lovely, and my cats only tried to attack the wheel once. They’re learning.

I plied two different singles together into a double ply because when she visited, she showed me how to make a slipper with a purple and a grey yarn together. We had both thought the dual colors was striking. I chose the variegated red merino wool because she told me a bright red was one of her favorite colors. I found this dyed wool a little difficult to work with initially because I felt as if the strands were sticky. I’m not sure of proper spinning terminology to describe it, but that’s how it felt. I enjoyed working with it even if I found it a bit tricky to start, and, the colorways and softness of the wool are worth using. Unfortunately, I’m not exactly sure which yarn I had purchased for the grey, but I enjoyed working with.

I hope she likes them!


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