The Six-Week Check-in on my Happiness Resolutions

The new year is often a time to reflect on your life and make resolutions for the upcoming year. I’ve always found the new year a somewhat arbitrary time to do this (as a Jew, I also get two new years each year, ha!), but the beginning of any new cycle is a good time for many people to reflect upon the improvements that they wish to make in their life. It seemed an apt time for me to revisit my own happiness-project resolutions that I made six weeks ago. I’ve recreated the list from that blog post and summarized my progress and reflections on each broad group underneath each.

Get Organized

  • clean closets (1/3)
  • organize bookshelf
  • make personal files from our dump drawer
  • make knitting needle organizers
  • organize pantry
  • organize crafting materials

I’m not sure how I’ve only managed to fully tackle one thing on this list. Awkward. The bookshelf looks quite neat though, so maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself! My mother-in-law gave me a nice canvas bag that’s large enough to hold my spinning supplies, so I’ve made another step toward organizing more of my crafting supplies.

Finish Old Projects

  • winter lap quilt (in progress)
  • knitted lace chuppah
  • matching pillow shams
  • pullarius novel (a Latin writing project I started last year)
  • Jane Austen costume
  • medieval costume

I have been diligently sewing on the winter lap quilt; it’s complicated with lots of piecing. I plan to make significant progress on sewing the blocks this week, and I hope to finish the quilt this month! I have too many sewing projects on this list!

Make Health a Priority

  • exercise daily
  • walk daily (at least 1 mile with Alke)
  • stand at desk more (twice a day instead of usually once a day)
  • be chill:  soothing music and aromatherapy
  • treat myself to a hot bath with essential oils once a week
  • Enjoy one treat a day (either alcohol or a dessert)
  • take a positive action when something goes wrong rather than a negative one (e.g., going on a walk or playing Frisbee with Alke instead of eating my weight in chocolate)
  • listen to my body and respect its fatigue

If I get a gold star for any of my resolutions, it should be here. I’ve exercised almost every single day since making this resolution (I missed only one day while we were traveling on vacation), and I’ve taken Alke on daily walks. I’ve been really good about treats and standing more at my desk. In fact, I usually put on my favorite music and dance a bit while I work which has been a great boon for my mood too! Luckily, I only have my pets as witnesses to these dance fests. I haven’t been so great on treating myself to a hot bath, but I have been fantastic about treating my body well in general. Go me!

Be More Productive

  • Start my mornings off on the right foot
    • workout before coffee (no wasting 30-60 minutes on the computer!)
    • read Latin for 30 minutes / drink coffee
    • write for 30 minutes
  • Balance crafts with relaxation when watching a show or movie
    • Let myself off the hook if I’m genuinely too tired to craft on a low-energy day, but otherwise spin or knit while watching a show or movie
  • monitor my internet habits in the evening and try to switch to more productive tasks instead (reading, writing, crafting, or house-related chores – blah)
  • incorporate crafts for others as volunteer work into my regular crafting time
  • make a reading list and start tackling the different things I’d like to read

My silver star would go here, I think. Or maybe I can earn multiple gold stars? Either way, my mornings have been significantly more productive, and I’ve read many books in Latin that I’ve been meaning to read (the Little Prince, Winnie the Pooh, and now Alice in Wonderland). I’ve also been much more productive on my blog as I’ve dedicated thirty minutes each morning to it! It’s been harder to be productive in the evening with crafts and reading, but I feel as if I’ve made progress on that front too. It may not look like it judging from how little I’ve finished in the crafting section, but that quilt is complicated!

Cultivate Relationships

  • have friends over for board games or crafting sessions
  • offer to do something nice for someone
  • stay in touch (call, text, email)
  • show appreciation
  • encourage my husband to make time for his friends
  • be giving – make gifts for people whom I’m thankful to have in my life
  • “work” when my husband is working on the weekend
    • read Latin or Roman history or write Latine
    • be in the room with him where possible
    • complete a task that he doesn’t have time to do (e.g., grocery shopping, laundry)
  • ask what my husband would like to do on a given evening with his limited free time – and be willing to cheerfully do that

I think I have also been doing well on this front; I’ve reached out to crafty friends and invited them over for some girl time while we work on our own projects. It’s nice to chat with friends while crafting. I haven’t made much progress on the gifts-for-friends resolution, but I am making steady progress on one in the evenings. I’ve also helped out my husband’s parents (his mother-in-law had a pretty serious surgery, so we spent two weekends in Arkansas stocking their fridge, cleaning, and generally helping them out). Between vacation and these weekend trips to Arkansas, we haven’t had a weekend at home where my husband was working on school work in nearly a month. Still, I think I’ve stayed true to the heart of these resolutions and can say that I’ve made progress.

Moving forward into 2017, I feel as if I still have bucket loads of progress to make to maintain these resolutions, but I’m overall really happy with where I’ve come from not only in my overall attitude but also in making concrete changes to my life to make it happier and my husband happier as a result. I’m pleased. My last three resolutions are lists that I cannot cross off because they’re more about cultivation than completion, but that’s perfectly okay with me!

So, tell me about your resolutions! What kind of progress are you wanting to make and how do you plan to hold yourself accountable? What kind of gold stars have you been giving or will you give yourself?


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