Winterizing Fig Trees

The Verte Fig trees we bought should be fine for our climate; they’re rated to zone six, and we’re happily located within zone six. They are, however, the most delicate trees that we purchased for our backyard orchard, and zone six is at the farthest edge of their suitability. Further, the fig trees are the only variety of the 19 different species of trees in our yard that my husband specifically requested. If any of the trees need to survive the winter, it’s the figs. If any of the trees have a questionable ability to endure the winter, it’s the figs.

img_20161219_073632906We had read about winterizing fig trees well before deciding to purchase them. We always planned to winterize them to improve their odds of making it through any particularly awful arctic blast. Just in time, we purchased burlap and bubble wrap, and my heroic husband ventured outside after the sun had set in the cold darkness to winterize the figs. He followed the directives and the steps for winterizing the figs described here, although the five-gallon buckets didn’t quite make it on the trees. Our fig trees look like a poorly wrapped present that has dubious odds of being chosen for a white-elephant gift exchange. In short, I’m sure our neighbors consider them a curious eyesore.

We probably should have winterized the figs sooner (and managed the bucket-hat topper), but we did winterize them before the arctic blast of chilly air this weekend. Drizzling and freezing rain fell Friday, and then a short blast of snowfall followed amounting to an inch or two of snow. The wind chill made the temperature feel as if it were -20 degrees.

Our figs are tied in a column, swathed in burlap, surrounded by a cage of leaves, and wrapped in bubble wrap; I’m wearing fuzzy socks and long underwear. I think we’ll both survive the winter.


6 thoughts on “Winterizing Fig Trees

  1. Glad to hear you got them covered up!

    Also: I always enjoy your posts, and it just occurred to me that I should probably tell you that. So there you go! Now, back to lurking.


    1. I’m glad that we got them covered up too! The postman was very amused when he handed me a gigantic box that weighed almost nothing because it was filled with bubble wrap.

      Thank you so much, and I’m so glad you’re a regular lurker!


    1. Thank you! It’d be so nice to have a greenhouse! We briefly discussed keeping ours in pots and moving them inside during the winter, but my husband (who would be doing all the moving) wasn’t too keen on the idea.

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