Cats, Fails, and Quilting Progress

When I purchased the Noel Winter Rosettes quilt, I was 100% convinced that I was purchasing a kit for a queen-sized quilt. We need a second winter blanket, and the fabric was charming and festive. When looking at the pictures, I knew that the pattern would be a little more complicated than the quilts I’ve already made. Let me tell you:  I was spectacularly wrong on both counts.

Not only was the quilt a throw (I have no idea how that happened!), but the quilt pattern is significantly more difficult than I anticipated. I had so many different sized cut pieces that I labeled them with post-its and stuck them in individual Ziploc bags. Then, I began piecing together the “units” (not blocks, people, units!) and putting them in different Ziploc bags with post-it notes. The instructions and accompanying errata instructions are full-sized front-and-back pages in length. I’ve never been more nervous to make a mistake.

I have completely commandeered the dining room table with my Ziploc baggies of fabric, trusty quilting accouterments, and sewing machine. Aside from testing my husband’s indefatigable patience, this arrangement is creating other problems:  One of my cats has a problem with biting plastic bags. I have basically set up a buffet for him. The cats have been skeptical of my work on this quilt from the get go, hogging the ironing board, cuddling near the iron for warmth, and otherwise giving me some truly epic side eye while I ignore them to work on the project. I had hoped to have the top piece finished before we went on vacation next week. It’s looking dicey.

Still, I have made some progress, despite the cats’ efforts to undermine me. After over a week of piecing about a unit a night, I finished Unit M and then finally assembled my first block of the pattern this morning. It’s the most complicated block pattern that I’ve ever assembled… until I assemble the second block.


Let’s keep our fingers crossed that my skills have sufficiently progressed that all these units and cut pieces successfully come together into the lovely throw I know that this quilt can be!


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