The First Peaceful Snowfall

As an Alaskan, I never feel as if winter has arrived until it has snowed. To me, that means a blanket of snow that causes the grass to disappear and the trees to huddle up under their white garments. As a Kansan, I take what I get whenever it arrives (and it’ll probably change the next day).

The temperature changed for the colder the week of Thanksgiving. Our first frost was late into November this year. And yesterday, snow finally fell. The light dusting isn’t enough to cover the grass or provide some needed winter moisture for our fruit trees, but it’s a pleasant enough sight all the same.

I let the chickens out of their coop to walk about as the snow fell, and some were more enthused than others. Most of the chickens just treated the snow as another watering source. They haven’t been keen on their new watering system, so they happily peck-pecked away at the white stuff on the ground. I particularly enjoyed watching the snowflakes gather on their backs as they wandered around the yard, sticking much closer to their coop than they usually do.

Nothing much else to do on a cold winter day other than to cuddle up with a warm blanket and do some winter crafting. I always feel as if the first snowfall brings a little extra peace with it, and yesterday was a particularly zen day around our suburban homestead. Everyone was just a touch more snuggly than usual. I hope yours was a peaceful day too.



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