My Pound of Roving

When we first took our spinning class together, our teacher said we would probably need to spin about a pound of roving before we felt like we had really gotten the hang of the process. Ladies and gents, I have spun my pound or roving.

From my first fumbled hours at the wheel feeling perplexed and more than a little frustrated, I’ve learned to tweak different tensions and knobs to prevent overspinning. I became more competent and even with my drafting. I have spun wool that looks like yarn! Victory!

I am far from my 10,000 hours of measured skill at spinning though. I struggle to spin anything bulkier than worsted yarns consistently, and I have not attempted (nor currently plan to attempt) fingering or lace weights. I imagine that I will develop these skills later, but for now, I’m happy that I’ve spun my pound and have clearly developed some competence judging from the improved appearance of my spun wool.img_20161202_191034198

Now, I have to decide what to do with the practice yarn I’ve created. I suspect my dog is worried I’ll attempt to knit him a sweater judging from his confused look when I piled up yarn next to him, but I’m not quite that unhinged yet. Of course, I’m open to suggestions on what I should do with my pound-of-roving-turned-yarn stash!

I am, however, ready to buy some new roving and spin something other than the cheapest Corriedale topcoat.


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