The Cave Curtains for the Giganotosaurus Window

The window in my living room is of Giganotosaurus proportions. The same window is also the primary source of light in that living room. If the window weren’t needing of plus-sized window treatment before, let me just add that the window is likely as old as my house (Est. 1952). Last winter, my husband swore that he could feel a cold wind coming through the corner of the window. I didn’t doubt him, but I was still surprised by the strength of that draft when I first felt it.


If ever a window needed a lined curtain made from heavy-duty fabric, this drafty, leviathan window is it. Because I liked the look of the back-tab curtains I had previously made (and frankly felt quite comfortable making that style of curtain after making so many of them), I decided to create back-tab curtains again for the living room. I’m glad I did. Making curtains to cover a window as large as mine was no picnic, so familiarity became instrumental in the success I did have.

The dimensions of my window are 103″ wide by 50″ tall. Following the general advice to double the amount of fabric to create a nice drape and adding the extra length for the header and footer, I ultimately needed two panels worth of fabric and lining that were each 105 inches by 65 inches. That’s a lot of fabric.

The measuring tape is for half of one panel. Yeah.

I decided not to make floor-length curtains because it would unnecessarily increase the cost of making the curtains. The curtain fabric that we chose was heavy and somewhat pricey; most of that extra length would lurk behind the couch anyway (and I foresee no living-room configuration where the sofa is not where it currently resides).

I have no regrets about bucking the trend of stately floor-length curtains. In fact, I am particularly glad I did not make larger curtains because I struggled to lay out and square the panels of the curtains. They were just SO gargantuan! For a few incredibly uncomfortable days spent in-between bouts of sewing, I was nigh well certain I had even made curtains of different lengths. It was difficult to accurately measure. img_20161017_182418441

The biggest regret that I do have with this project was that I did not use the walking foot on my sewing machine. I think that I should have because the heavy fabric did not feed evenly into the sewing machine, which resulted in some puckering and pulling in awkward places. As my husband reminded me, though, no one will see these errors but me (and the people who read my blog, ha!).

Overall, I’m pleased to have the curtains finished ahead of any impending cold fronts, and they do look make the living room look cozier. The cats, of course, gave their stamps of approval at various points in the process. My husband has given his stamp of approval too. He likes to pull the curtains shut at night and pretend he lives in a cave. He’s happy; I’m happy. I love it when we win together.

All the windows, except the one in the kitchen, have curtains now. One day, my husband may even let me redo the Frankenstein curtains in our bedroom… after I finish my gazillion other crafting projects he’s let me hoard away in closets and drawers.


After – This photo may not be award-winning, but the lighting struggle in this room is ridiculous.

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