The Silent Auction Foxy Quilt & Pillows

14537043_10210481651586015_1714064464_oWhen I purchased my my fox kit from Craftsy, the cutting instructions included a mistake that I diligently followed, assuming they hadn’t sent sufficient fabric. Unfortunately, I was mistaken, which I learned only after I had already cut out all my fabric for the quilt and was then sent new cutting instructions. After a flurry of emails, weeks of waiting, and another flurry of emails, I was sent another throw-sized fox kit. I did some math—rare, for a language nerd, I know—and realized that I had enough fabric leftover to also make a baby blanket and some other small project. I decided to make the quilt and two pillows to donate to my synagogue’s annual fund-raiser.

14522432_10210481651306008_482596065_oAs with many other things in my life, my crafting projects fell far behind my anticipated schedule when we became foster parents. I certainly didn’t expect to have finished it quite so close to the due date. Sure, I’m still a month a head of the fund-raiser, but this means my other sewing projects (curtains for the living room and another queen-sized quilt for our bed) are most assuredly behind my schedule and the advancing cool-weather seasons.

14522383_10210481652666042_1389721547_oEither way, the baby blanket and matching (large) pillows are ready with sufficient time to raise some money for a worthy cause. I may still not be able to join the ends of the binding without hours of frustration, but I did learn to utilize bobby pins to help keep my fabric from slipping off the quilt while I was using decorative stitches to attach the binding. Though I’m far from 10,000 hours worth of skills, my meandering quilting pattern and my piecing skills are improving.

Of course, the cats still lent their mischievous antics to assist in giving their approval to the project! Even better, since I cleared out some fabric from my stash, I purchased a layer cake for my next sewing project. You know, the one I’ll likely get to this time next year.img_20160928_101450099


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