The Super Fail: Corn and Green Beans

I had read somewhere once that planting corn with pole green beans was a solid gardening tip because the beans would use the corn as a trellis and both plants would be the happier for it. This year, I planted my corn and my green beans in the spirit of experimentation, having grown neither varieties before. Now, I believe in experimentation as much as I believe in making mistakes. I further believe in sharing those mistaken ventures with others to avoid repeating them. In that spirit, let me tell you that I unequivocally do not recommend planting corn and pole green beans together.

The Super Fail

Perhaps the weather did not cooperate. Perhaps I should have planted the corn much sooner or waited more than two weeks to plant the beans. Perhaps I should have planted a different variety of corn that grew taller, stronger, and longer. Perhaps, my thumb still needs to be a bit greener. Perhaps all of these factors combined into some monster creation known as the Super Fail.

A Super Fail is exactly what the experimentation resulted in:  an unsteady, wobbly disaster. The corn became choked with the beans, and not all the corn grew as a result. This led the pole green beans to become heavier on some corn stalks than others. Some of the stalks are threatening to topple over in protest. Worse, my corn is “done” and becoming weaker by the day where the green beans are blooming and still trying to find something taller to use as a trellis. I suspect that my yield in both types of plants will be significantly less than it could have been because I planted them together.

Will I grow strawberry popcorn again? Absolutely! They’re darling. Will I try purple pods again? Yep! Purple is my favorite color. I can guarantee you though that I won’t try them together again any time soon!


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