Another Finishing Touch on the Foster Kiddo Room

We are officially licensed foster parents, just awaiting the call where we ask a gazillion questions and a kiddo arrives at our house.

To try to welcome a kiddo (who is likely unexcited to be in our house for a slew of understandable reasons), I want to have a nice comfortable room. I’ve piggybacked upon my success of my back tab curtains for my office and sewed some for the kiddo room too.

Picking out fabric to make curtains for a kiddo of unknown age, gender, and interests was more than a little challenging. Camouflage? Frozen? Polka dots? Plain? Each fabric was too much of one thing or another:  too young, too girly, too boyish, too specific to an interest, too boring.

Trouble claimed the fabric immediately.

Then, I found the map fabric, which I loved. I love maps so much that I almost considered adopting the trail name “Maps” while we were on our section hike of the PCT. Such a consideration is a big deal as I have resolutely rebuffed all attempts at nicknames and refuse to go by anything other than my own name even at my Latin nerd camps where everyone adopts a Latin name. Even better, the map fabric had Latin on them! Double nerd victory!

The one problem:  the map fabric had insufficient yardage remaining for the large window in the kiddo room. So, I picked out some coordinating fabric that was a navy blue with what looked like a compass rose pattern. It’s more blue than I would’ve preferred, but still generic enough for a kiddo of any age and gender without being too boring.

IMG_20160618_164211788_HDR(This means, of course, that no kiddo will love the curtains except me, hah!)

Every touch I add to the room makes me anxious for the ones that will reflect the kiddo who will live in it. We still have to install the ceiling fan, and I want to make the twin-sized quilt for the room since not everyone is going to be a sports fan. Beyond those decisions, however, come the kiddo’s choices.

Even if the kiddo hates the curtains, I hope he or she loves the cats!





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