DIY Back Tab Curtains

I am hardly an expert seamstress; in fact, I’m quite the novice. The first curtains I ever made were for my old rental house and were so thoroughly wrong that they hung without any drape whatsoever. (Lesson learned:  each panel should be the width of the entire window.) When we bought our house, I tore them apart and made my “frankencurtains” out of their dismembered panels. I love how absolutely horrible they are, mostly so I can remind myself that everyone has to start out a beginner or she will never learn and grow.

Behold my growth! I am so proud of these lovely back tab curtains!

Pressing the Back Tabs 

I followed this youtube tutorial and may have sent a few befuddled texts to a friend (who was abroad in Italy no less) trying to understand why the lining of the curtain was cut to the size of the panel while the curtain material was cut larger. This is embarrassing, but the answer is that if you don’t, the curtain edge will show the lining fabric rather than the curtain fabric. You also don’t need the lining in the header or hem. This answers my long ago befuddlement when I had stared at my hung frankencurtains wondering how I could have prevented the lining from showing…

These back tab curtains were surprisingly easy to make and look legit. I have plans (and the fabric!) to make more back tab curtains for our foster kiddo’s room and for our living room. I also intend to quilt a fox baby for my synagogue’s annual silent auction from leftover material from this project, a twin-sized quilt for the foster kiddo, and our extra winter queen-sized quilt.

This summer will be the summer of sewing, the summer of mistakes, and the summer of learning from those mistakes. I can’t wait to get started! What projects are you planning to do this summer?


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