Mystery Chicks in the Mail

2016-04-05 16.58.36
For me?

The baby chickens are here and are as cute as I remembered! All members of the household, particularly the cats, are enthralled by their incessant peeping and fluffy adorableness. I was expecting them to arrive at the post office tomorrow, but they surprised us a day early, which, well, meant some last minute preparations in the house as the chicks chirped away.

Aside from the fluffy cuteness and ensuring that all chicks can drink, eat, and poop adequately (had to help one of the chicks do that this evening, cough), I’ll mostly try to socialize the chicks so that they adopt my cavalier attitude toward all things frightening, especially human hands reaching from above to pick them up. It’ll be so much fun watching them grow up to be chickens!

2016-04-05 17.27.01
Who is fluffier? Me or this mystery chick?

I cannot for the life of me remember how many of these 19 chickens are mine, but I know that most of them aren’t. I am raising two buff Orpingtons for a coworker and most of the 15 chicks in the “Ornamental Layer Collection” for a friend who is unable to raise her own this year. The hatchery also threw in an extra rare chicken to the collection. I made one extra special addition to the flock,  a Silver Grey Dorking. I was compelled to add this chick for the dorkiest of reasons:  this breed of heritage chicken is reputed to have been brought by Julius Caesar to Britain. Hell, yeah I have one of those chickens!

Now, the fun begins:  Any thoughts on which breeds these chickens are? I certainly have some educated guesses!

2016-04-05 17.17.23
I think this is a White Laced Red Cornish.
2016-04-05 17.20.55
Buff Orpington for my coworker.
2016-04-05 17.24.40
Feathered feet! I believe these are Buff Cochins.
2016-04-05 17.24.53
The buff Cochins were not particularly interested in staying still.
2016-04-05 17.32.47
This handsome gal is a Dark Brahma. I think.
2016-04-05 17.35.21
These could maybe be White Faced Black Spanish chicks. Though, once again, I’m totally unsure.
2016-04-05 17.38.38
She is already such a show off.
2016-04-05 17.41.32
From comparing pictures of different breeds of chickens, I think these four are Lakenvelders.
2016-04-05 17.48.01
I’m not sure. Maybe a Silver Leghorn?
2016-04-05 17.50.12
I am not certain what these five are and thought they were all the same breed, except…
2016-04-05 17.52.42
2016-04-05 17.51.55
She says, “Bring it! Julius Caesar doesn’t have a thing on me!”
2016-04-05 18.33.10
All cuddled up to sleep.

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