Heartsavers: CPR-Certified Almost Licensed Foster Parents

A card-carrying heartsaver!

We are one step closer to being licensed foster parents! We were required to receive training in first aid and CPR, and we are now officially CPR certified (card carrying and all!). I have always wanted to know how to perform CPR, so I am glad that this licensing requirement finally spurred me to do so.

The class was a mixture of high and lowlights. The grey dreariness of the rainy Saturday morning in conjunction with the low-budget wonders of the first-aid training video and the lack of a nearby caffeine-dispensing device were all serious drawbacks to staying awake and alert.


Lee has mixed feelings about his new child.
  • I learned how to perform CPR on infant/children models.
  • I learned how to perform the Heimlich on adults, infants, and even pregnant women.
  • I learned that people with nosebleeds should actually tilt their head forward (not backward) and that some nosebleeds can be so severe that they have to be cauterized in the hospital. (Say what?)
  • I learned how an AED machine is used.
  • I learned how to administer an epi-pen, which is particularly useful as I believe that we will need to keep one handy as part of our safety plan for beekeeping.
The lone group of oxygen-deprived dolls, stacked together, awaiting the kiss of life.


  • The first-aid training video covered so many topics in such superficial depth that I’m not entirely sure how helpful it really was. I mean, it was everything from snakebites to amputations. How much am I really supposed to remember from a three-hour video presentation?
  • The direction to call 911 for everything, including the man who cut himself while opening a box with a utility knife. Really?
  • That one couple who wants to relive every single frightening thing that ever happened to their children and get expert advice on what they should have done instead and who interrupts your training time to asks these personal questions ad nauseum.
  • Insufficient training time. I had been really looking forward to the time with the CPR dolls, and we spent fewer than five minutes physically practicing CPR with the models. Additionally, I would have liked to practice on an adult-sized version instead of just infants and children, but because this course as part of my licensing paperwork, that’s certainly understandable.
  • The woman slamming on her car brakes and screaming, “HE’S ON FIRE!” as a man runs with arms flailing across the road… on fire.
    • Okay, this was actually a highlight. I started laughing hysterically at the actors here. The man-on-fire segment was almost as good as the solemn packaging of the fake finger for transit to the hospital.

Although it may seem like lowlights outnumber the highlights, I feel significantly more prepared to handle a situation where someone is unresponsive and not breathing on their own than I did yesterday. That’s enough of a highlight for me. Besides, I now have a swanky latex-free pair of gloves of my very own. Whatever am I to do with them?

We kept these stylish gloves but had to return the infants.

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