The 2015 Old-Fashioned Christmas Parade

The Old-Fashioned Christmas parade is my favorite parade. This year, we were blessed with some truly beautiful weather, so it was doubly pleasant to watch the horses prance on by! For my out-of-town friends, the parade is limited to horses and horse-drawn vehicles, which makes for a unique parade experience that’s both charming and nostalgic. The horses are gorgeous, the outfits are impressive, and the stagecoaches and covered wagons are remarkable. If you live nearby, it’s worth the trip the next year.

What a beautiful stagecoach!
This is where puppies who’ve never seen a horse and growl at the first ones that go by go until they recover their polite puppy manners. 
I love the covered wagons.
I told Lee that if I were to meet an early demise, I want to taken to the Jewish cemetery in a horse-drawn hearse. And if I live to be 100, I think I’ll still want to go to the cemetery in a horse-drawn hearse. Just because.
Alke eventually remembered his puppy manners, and everyone had a much better time.


New life goal:  drive one of these to work every day.
George Washington even paid us a visit.
The firetruck is one of my favorites.
Open carry is legal in Kansas. Atop a stagecoach is perhaps the only place I’ll find it amusing.
Santa Clause, Mrs. Clause, and the elves finish the parade. Good thing Santa was rescued from the top of Weaver’s only yesterday — just in time for the parade and another great Lawrence tradition.

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