Everything in its Proper Place

After nearly a month without a closet and over a year without anything more than a mattress on the floor, I’m feeling like a successful adult this weekend. We did laundry, and we put away clothes in our significantly more efficient closet space. We certainly didn’t expect our closet project to balloon the way it did, but the end result is definitely one that we’re pleased with. Moreover, sleeping on a real bed instead of the mattress-on-the-floor combo is a real improvement.

original closet newcloset

When we moved to Lawrence, I sold my lovely bedroom set, a half sleigh platform bed in a creamy eggshell white with matching pieces. Of all the possessions we sold in anticipation of moving into the tiny rental house and then the real tiny house, it is the only one that hurt to part with. Although I loved that bedroom set, it also represents an old version of myself, and despite the broken pieces of the current model, I’m rather fond of her and the woman I continue to become. When we settled on the new bed by Unruh Furniture—a platform bed with storage drawers underneath—I see myself on that constantly changing continuum of life.

bedroom side bed closeup

The last month has been a mess for so many different reasons, least of all trying to find clothing in the hodgepodge of clean, semi-clean and not-clean-at-all mounds in our spare bedroom. Now that October is almost behind me, I can probably say that the wait was worth it, but I certainly hope I don’t have to wait quite like that ever again! After all, nothing is quite so satisfying after a month of chaos than cleaning up and organizing and slipping off to sleep on a new beautiful handcrafted piece of furniture made and delivered by a local company knowing exactly where all your matched pairs of clean socks are stashed away.


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