Yum, Termites!

My favorite part of the day was not coming home to a garden basking in the evening sun; it was so much more trivial than seeing dreams come to fruition and imagining cozy winter nights beside our wood-burning stove and tossing another of our oak logs onto the fire. I was moving wheelbarrows filled with mulch and leaves to throw into the coop for chicken entertainment, and Lee was splitting some free wood he had acquired (not the oak from our yard).

He split open a large chunk and wrinkled his face, “termites.”

More, termites, please!
More, termites, please!

Sure enough, termites were scurrying amid the tunnels of the wood. My first instinct was to get it away–far away–from the house and pile of stacked firewood or perhaps to rent a flamethrower, but then I had a stroke of genius. We tossed the infested logs in the chicken run, and those dears started to gobble down termites with a fanaticism that tipped into cult-like competition with each other as each tried to devour the greater number of wiggly white termites. Their zeal and competitive antics made me laugh and lifted my spirits after a rough week.

It’s definitely the little things in life, though the sun has certainly helped!


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