Visiting Tumbleweed: Another Step in the Tiny Dream

We made the trek out to Colorado Springs to tour the Cypress 24 Equator and meet with the Tumbleweed builfeaturedimageders. After much deliberation, we had decided to buy a house premade rather than build it ourselves. Although it’s more cost to pay for Tumbleweed to build it, we decided it was the best choice for us. To build our own house, we’d realistically take at least two years to build the house because we do not have sufficient time (or space) to work on the house on a regular basis. Although Lee has two months off each year as a teacher, he’s limited to, at best, one weekend day a week the rest of the year, and I would be unable to help for those two months a year as well due to my job. We figured that we’d rather be putting money into our tiny house rather than paying rent and stressing about leaving our materials at a build site. It’s also nice to know that people with experience (as opposed to us) would be building a quality house for us. We’ve done a lot of the legwork for having a tiny house (found insurance, priced the loan out, found a place to park it, began downsizing), we just hadn’t actually toured one yet!

Oh, my, this is quite small!
The kitchen is rather inhibiting; the stairs and the loft and lovely.

When we pulled up to the showroom, we were both excited and nervous to see how small the tumbleweed did actually look in the parking lot! We spent a lot of time in the Cypress Equator, and there was a lot that we really liked about it:  the bay windows, the beautiful dormer loft (we can imagine many blissful afternoons spent reading in the loft as the cats survey the world through those windows), the natural pine, the ladder staircase, but the floor plan felt cramped because of the L-shaped kitchen. More importantly, the kitchen layout wouldn’t work since we wanted the apartment-sized stove. One of the reasons why we had hesitated about the Tumbleweed plans before is because we both like to cook; we made all of our own bread, can various foods, and rarely go out to eat. It never seemed like any of the kitchens would meet our needs, and the kitchen we toured would certainly not meet our needs. It also adversely affected the main living area, making it feel too cramped for Lee.

Happy Future Tiny House People

We expressed our concerns to the wonderful folks at Tumbleweed, and they showed us a plan that they had made for another couple who liked to cook. It looked great–but it eliminated the small downstairs bedroom, which I am rather attached to. (We’ve jokingly been calling it the office/isn’t-great-to-not-have-to-decide-today-if-we-want-kiddos room). So, they sketched us out a new plan with a bedroom in the back and a galley kitchen on a 26-foot trailer instead of the 24-foot plans described online. We didn’t even know that was an option! We’re quite taken with the sketched plan, and it addressed all of our concerns we had after we toured the Equator. Sold! Now, we just have to wait another month before we pursue financing and start the contractual process. It’ll be a long month to wait.

This link is to the Tumbleweed official tour of the Cypress Equator.

This link is to a fairly thorough Tumbleweed tour we found on youtube. We are, however, glad that we toured it ourselves. Nothing beats personal experience; we would have thought the plan would’ve worked for us until we actually visited it.


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