My First Rabbit

I texted my husband an emoji of a rabbit yesterday afternoon. The emoji was all Easter Bunny with perky jaunty ears and a fluffy cottonball of a tail.

“Are there two less cute bunnies in the world?” he responded.

“We killed ugly ones. With buck teeth.”

“I guess I can still love you.”

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The Top 10 Reasons Why I Hate Our Chicken Coop

When we bought our house 2½ years ago, we were excited that we were buying a house and a chicken coop since the previous owners had converted a garden shed to a coop, which came with the house. Our realtor even negotiated the acquisition of its first two inhabitants:  A Buff Orpington and Barred Rock, both of which had quite the homicidal streaks. (Chickenicidal?) Still, we’ve been unhappy with the coop for just about as long as we’ve been the proud owners of it.

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Dreary Autumn Drizzle, Chicken Tushes, and Unwanted Shrubberies

The last few days around our little suburban homestead have been rather dreary. I had hoped to have more time to work in the garden, but the weather has drizzled away in a cold, drab dreariness that reminds me that the official start of winter isn’t that far away. Regardless of what the calendar and the forecast suggests, though, I still have things that I want to do before the real bite of winter starts!

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The Kill, Kill, Kill Mulch

Like many yards across America, at some point, someone thought a little Bermuda grass would go a long way, which, of course, it does. I’m not someone who generally believes in pristine lawns anyway and would prefer to see oceans of raised beds and native plants replace the spread of suburban yards and their inevitable villainous Bermuda grass. My husband also hates mowing, and we are so old school we have a push rotary mower. My goal has always been to supplant our weedy yard with other vegetation.

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The Whole30 Two-Week Check-In: Trials and Tribulations

I didn’t exactly leap into Whole30 lightly, but I sure didn’t expect to have forsworn bread, sugar, beans, cheese, and tofu a month ago. Beginning-of-October me would’ve been shocked and horrified, but that me was also stress eating sugar as if it were an essential nutrient. I probably would’ve even snarled that it was one if you’d asked.

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The Race Result: Killin’ It

Many people have a natural aversion to touting their accomplishments. No one likes a braggart, and I’m no exception. However, this post is going to be entirely about me bragging. I’d apologize, but I’m just so dang proud of the hard work I’ve put into this goal that I can’t. Two years ago, I barely had the energy most days to walk around the block due to osteoarthritis in my lower back and a pain flare that contributed to me developing fibromyalgia where everything hurt all the time.

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November 2017 Goal-Setting and the October Follow-Up

October began as an unkind month, given that it started with both of my foster kiddos running away. The rest of the month flew by, and I’m rather shocked to find that I’m already a third through November. I hope that since I started my last October goals post a little late, y’all will forgive this one arriving late as well! I’ll get back on track in December! In fact, let’s make it a SMART Goal:  I will post my November goal reflection and December goals on December 1st.  Continue reading “November 2017 Goal-Setting and the October Follow-Up”